Transformational Breath® FAQ

Below are some brief questions and answers.  For more detailed answers as well as answers to many other questions concerning Transformational Breathing please go to the Transformational Breath Foundation FAQs.

How is Transformational Breath different from Holotropic Breath, Rebirthing, or other breathwork?
Transformational Breath addresses the entire respiratory system,  uses body mapping,  and invokes the guidance of higher consciousness.

What about hyperventilation?
Some have thought that Transformational Breathing is dangerous because by breathing in a continuous cycle the C02 levels could be lowered and cause hyperventilation. Because one is coached to exhale in a relaxed fashion, the CO2 levels are not depleted and the oxygen levels are increased but the blood does not become alkaloid. Transformational Breathing oxygenates the blood which has a positive chemical response in the body. The brain releases beneficial chemicals such as endorphins and neuropeptides that create feelings of joy and ecstasy.

Is this work associated with any religion or cult?
Transformational Breath is not associated with any religion or cult.  Many people have what may be considered a spiritual experience while breathing, but it is an experience not prescribed by any belief, doctrine, or philosophy.  We work with the breath and regardless of what you believe, you are breathing.

I have a history of physical or sexual abuse – will I feel safe with the physical touch used in a Transformational Breath session?
While physical touch is useful to release tension and bring awareness of the breath,  a Transformational Breath session can still be very effective without touch.  Your preference regarding touch will be respectfully honored.

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