“Allen has a delightful spirit and a genuinely healing presence and touch.  His work is profound and can put you in touch with the deepest truth.  I loved the work he did with me and recommend him highly.” ~ Joan Tollifson, author of Awake in the Heartland and Painting the Sidewalk with Water

“Seeing Allen was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I was very resistant to doctors and healers in general, but I was won over by Allen’s unassuming, gentle, and open heart.  In every session, Allen had the uncanny ability to meet me where I was both emotionally and physically.  I had a lot of skepticism about energy healing and breathwork, and to my astonishment, even the very first sessions were transformational.  I soon felt changed – more grounded, more joyous – and I began doing things for myself I had put off for years!  I couldn’t have made a better investment.  Thanks Allen!”  ~ Konstantin, Systems Engineer, Evanston, IL

“I was barely breathing in my belly when I came to you….The work I did with you changed my life and opened me up to experience more love than I could ever imagine.  I thank you from the bottom of my belly 😉 for sharing your beautiful gift with me!”   ~ Deb Rueping-Vincent, Food Shop Mgr, East Bank Club, Chicago

I came into Transformational Breathwork having no idea what to expect…and I came out of my first (and many subsequent) sessions feeling alive, grounded, and full of insight and energy for my life’s goals. I recommend Allen’s sessions to anyone who wants to live life in the flow of their true, wonderful energy…as a healer and breathwork facilitator, Allen is astoundingly effective!”   ~ Julia Mossbridge, M.A., Ph.D., Author of Unfolding: The Perpetual Science of Your Soul’s Work

“Allen is truly an awesome healer, one that cares so deeply, and creates space for the healing to occur. I’ve experienced many VortexHealing sessions with him, and also transformational breathwork sessions, and both have been amazing. VortexHealing is a powerful energy healing that works deep with issues, and the breathing has increased my lung capacity so much, now I can dance for long periods of time without getting winded! That’s a huge thing for me. I highly recommend Allen ”   ~ Rossi D., Photographer, Chicago

“Allen is a true healer. He has helped me in so many ways over the past 6 years; especially and most recently with my extremely rapid recovery from double knee surgery. Using his skill, knowledge and intuition, he gets right to the heart of the matter.”    ~ Jodi B, Chicago

“Since working with Allen I have been able to stop my abuse of alcohol, something I had been struggling with previously.”  ~ A.C., musician, Chicago

“Allen is a marvelous health, wellness and spiritual practitioner. His energy is magical. I have experienced all of his therapies: energy work, breathwork, shiatsu and VortexHealing. After every visit I am always refreshed, relaxed and restored! His kindness and gentle spirit is also contagious.”  ~ Maria Alamo, dietitian

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Your gentle strength and firmness, your intuitive and insightful direction led me into places I might not otherwise have gone.  I feel lighter and happier, more at ease with life around me (nothing seems to bother me!) from working with you.”   ~ Reggi Norton, acupuncturist

“A few years ago I took Mana Ji’s Breath of Light workshop, remembered past lives, and expanded significantly, and wished that someone in Chicago facilitated similar classes.  Your class is THAT, and more… and you are right around the corner… how amazing is that? Please count me in for all your classes!”   ~ Monica Radu, Chicago

“I feel so whole and the feeling has remained from my sessions!”   ~ Jen Piper, pilates instructor

“My experience with VortexHealing, through several sessions with Allen, involved a deepening of the inner eye, first and foremost.  With eyes closed in silence and with no need for physical touch, the vibrations of growth, enlargement of consciousness, and perception of both subtle and vivid colors came naturally and uninteruptedly.  At one point it seemed like I was a vehicle in a car wash.  At another point, it felt like I was getting new comfortable clothes to wear.  In all of this, there was a sense of the Whole, independent of personal, temporary identifications [and] of being grounded…with the influx of lovely internal colors and images but also included a felt sense of connectedness to the earth, something that could be accessed again later…”  ~ Ed Dougal, artist

“As someone who loves giving and receiving all types of energywork, I have thoroughly enjoyed receiving VortexHealing.  It is unique in that it has a very refined, clear and effervescient quality.  I always feel refreshed and light for having received it.  Allen, in his very intuitive way, knows what is needed.  I was feeling overrun by a severe case of poison ivy and the vortexhealing helped realign my energy while setting a template for my body to heal.  After the long distance session I was a different person, I was reinvigorated, my body released its sense of overwhelm and the poison ivy began to dry up.  This is an amazing modality.”   ~ Tracy Stover, therapeutic breath trainer, Seattle

“When my naturopath suggested seeing someone for breathing, that it would be a substantial help, I was very skeptical.  I knew how to breathe and read several times that you should “belly breathe”, so I thought it would be a waste of time and money.  After my first experience, I thought it was one of the best things I could have done for clearing subconscious issues and detoxing.  I felt great afterward and able to breathe very effortlessly.  ~ Mark Landers, product development engineer

“Allen is a truly wonderful healer and a beautiful person to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve his or her state of being on any level.  He is a gentle and wise teacher and guide as well as highly skilled in all of the therapies he offers. I always leave after any work I do with Allen transformed.”   ~  Susanne, film editor, Chicago

“Allen has a strong sense of well being that he shares with each and everyone who is around him. One instantly knows he can be trusted.  In addition to that, his knowledge of the body and the breathing techniques are overwhelming.  He exudes this confidence in himself and his abilities.  You just know you’re in the hands of a master and he doesn’t let you down. He always does his best with enthusiasm, integrity, joy and last but not least love both for the client and for God. I totally recommend Allen without any reservations what-so-ever.”  ~ Betty Coleman, retiree, dietitian

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