Transformational Breath®

Listen, are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?   ~ Mary Oliver

Transformational Breath is a safe, life-changing, natural, self-healing process.  It brings more oxygen and energy into the body, clears the subconscious, and allows for greater connection with your authentic self.  By opening our breath, we open our lives to greater possibility.

     “I am interested not in just how you breathe, or how you use your breath in a particular practice, be it meditation, yoga, singing, or exercise.  I am more interested in the quality of your breath.  Is it smooth, does it flow naturally, not only when you are doing a particular practice, but also when you are just doing your regular daily activities?  Is it relaxed, or do you hold your breath?  I can help you with the quality of your breath as well as the capacity.  When you are able to breathe a smooth, natural, full breath without even thinking about it, you will see a change in your enjoyment of not only whatever practice you may have that uses the breath, but of your day-to-day, minute-to-minute experience of life.”   ~ Allen Baker

How It Works

On a physical level, by releasing the tension that constricts our breathing pattern, we not only open the breath to increase capacity but we also improve the quality of the breath.  The body receives more oxygen, nourishing all of its cells.  This brings more energy into the body and increases the body’s natural ability to detoxify.   (It is estimated that approximately 70% of the body’s detoxification process is through the breath.   Most people use only 20-30% of their full respiratory capacity.  When you consider that the amount of oxygen in the air is less than it was hundreds of years ago, all this indicates that we are really getting the short shrift of what was meant for our health and well-being.)

Transformational Breath allows for subconsciously held negative patterns of past trauma or held emotions to resolve. Held emotions create a stagnation of energy, potentially causing dis-ease.  Energy that is stagnated is not available for our present health and well-being.

By using specific breathing techniques, we can create a circuit that allows this previously stagnated energy to flow, integrate, and be available for more vitality in our present lives.  Transformational Breath also uses sound, movement, and safe physical touch to free up the tension and move stagnated energy that restricts our breathing capacity.

“…each breath we take is filled not only with the nutrients and energies we need for life, but also with the expansive, open quality of space. It is this quality of spaciousness, if we allow it to enter us, that can help us open to deeper levels of our own being and to our own inner powers of healing.”      ~ Dennis Lewis

“There is one way of breathing that is shameful and constricted. Then there is another way: a breath of Love that takes you all the way to infinity.”     ~ Rumi


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